Black Socks - 3 Pack Biodegradable Socks


We are thrilled to launch Stripe & Stare's first 100% biodegradable socks.

Using the latest science in fibre technology the biodegradable socks combine Lenzing TENCEL™ with Roica V550 rather than traditional elastane and Fulgar Amni Soul a world first polyamide replacement. The biodegradable process releases no harmful chemicals into the soil and takes just 3-5 years to fully break down rather than the typical 50 years. 

Designed in London. Grown in a forest. Composted in your garden. 

Biodegradable black sock box includes 3 biodegradable black socks.

75% TENCEL™ Micro Modal, 22% Fulgar Amni Soul and 3% Roica V550

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