iPhone X/Xs Skin


Brand Tinkalink

Diva Pink Glitter Skin is for those with more than a little prima donna in them, scatter with TINKALINK gold stars and be centre stage.

Electric-Orange Skin is all about summer fun, top it with some TINKALINK charms and steal the show.

Midnight Silver Glitter Skin boasts a shimmering golden sparkle and is beautifully crafted in a vibrant glitter. This is a textured statement, sure to receive recognition and will glisten day & night.

Camo Skin is for those who simply can’t resist a touch of military, add some TINKALINK gold charms and get on parade.

Pop Pink Skin makes a bold statement, sprinkle with our TINKALINK charms and you will have yourself a showstopper.

Mint Green Skin provides the perfect background for our delicate moonlight steel charms, for a low profile and an air of simplicity, add a single charm or make a bigger splash by adding more.

Rose gold Skin is awash with enticing golden sparkle, beautifully crafted in a coarse vibrant glitter, this is a textured statement.


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