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Recipes from Le Rouzet


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We are proud to stock this beautiful cookbook, Cathy Gayner's wonderful compendium of her favourite recipes for entertaining.  

"I feel immensely fortunate to call France my home. We spend much of the year here, in an ancient barn, on top of a hill, in the middle of nowhere. 

Life at Le Rouzet revolves around food and the recipes in this book are, for me, a diary reflecting what we ate, reminding me of long meals, of laughter and of happiness, shared with family and friends."

Cathy Gaynor is donating 100% of proceeds go to Age Unlimted, a charity that cares for the disadvantaged elderly and young through these difficult times. 


 "What a lovely book. I'm utterly besotted with French cooking at the moment and everything about this book, the simple recipes, the beautiful photography and general look of it has filled me with delightful anticipation, totally justified by cooking some of the dishes."


- Rick Stein

"A lovely book for a worthy cause, marrying the very best of Britain and France."

- Alain Roux

"It is hard to beat French food when you want simple and delicious, and this cookbook will help you get there with sumptuous recipes AND photography."

- Thomasina Miers

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